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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wasting Leave

Today we're supposed to hanging around Puncak or Bandung. We have planned it last week. Since Astri was busy being tortured by her boss, she couldn't make it. And Ario suddenly has to make some preparation for his sport organizer. That leaves Listi and me, already taken a day off, do nothing hiks... So I just spent it sleeping 16 hours, haha I think no one could beat me in amount of time spent on sleeping. Back in the last couple of years, I could sleep almost two third of my trip on bus, and that's about um 3 days of sleeping hehe...

Got up at 7 pm, make dinner, then go to Game Center near my home. Right now, I'm waiting for the current game to finish, then I could join the next game :).


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