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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chrno Crusade

Finally, I've watched all episodes of Chrno Crusade.

Here's the introduction story if you haven't seen it:
"The story begins in New York in 1924. Sister Rosette Christopher, a young novice nun from the Magdalan Order, a religious militaristic organization, and her assistant and best friend Chrno, a patient and kind hearted demon, are sent to different missions, consisting mostly in fighting the many different monsters that lurk in the shadows. During one of their missions, they met Azmaria Hendrick, a young girl with supernatural powers that is somehow connected to Joshua Christopher, Rosette's younger brother who was kidnapped several years ago by Aion, a former comrade of Chrno. Aion is an overly ambitious demon that has big plans for the future of the entire world and will go to any lengths to achieve his great "dream of freedom". To do this, he needs the help of 7 very special people. What exactly are Aion's plans, and what does he intend to do with Joshua and Azmaria's powers? Rosette and Chrno, along with Satella, a jewel witch who is also targeting Aion for personal reasons, are determined to find out, but they will have to face the dark shadow of Chrno's past first, a past that is now coming back to torment him and could separate Rosette and Chrno forever. Will the strong bond they share be able to survive the test? Will they be willing to pay a very high price in order to stop Aion and rescue Joshua and everybody else?" - www.chrno-crusade.com

And here's one "analysis" about the relationship between Rosette and Chrno I found interesting:
"I was very moved by the author's portrayal of their relationship. Unlike many shoujo or shounen mangakas I know, who equal love with sex or romance, Daisuke Moriyama (the author) seems to have a pretty good understanding of what love is really is. Indeed, the relationship between Rosette and Chrno is based on friendship and self-sacrifice rather than mutual attraction or idealistic "love at first sight" scenarios. Their love for each other also changes over time. It starts as a friendship between a lonely demon and a caring, innocent girl, but it grows deeper and deeper as the two of them mature and learn to trust each other. They are very different, and their relationship is not without faults, caused mostly by their nearly opposite personalities and their radically different backgrounds, yet they accept each other as they are and slowly learn to overcome their differences. Their relationship also evolves in a very natural way, without cheesy love scenes or sugary-coated dialogues. One of the main things that made me fall in love with this manga, in late 2001, besides the mixture of humor, action and drama of the first volume, was the personalities of Rosette and Chrno, the two main characters, and the way they interacted with each other. It was immediately clear to me that these two had something going on between them that was not mentioned in the first chapters, but I was rather surprised when I found out exactly what it was. These two obviously cared a lot for each other, despite their constant fights, but the bond between them proved to be a lot stronger than I imagined at first. For Rosette to be able to literally give her life to Chrno, and for Chrno to treasure it so preciously as to actually humiliate himself to remain in the form of a child and serve her unconditionally, despite being a powerful demon, requires an incredible amount of trust, generosity and most of all, love." - www.chrno-crusade.com

My comments:
The story takes place in the 20s of America where lots of ghosts and evil spirits terrorizing the major towns of America. Rosette, a nun from Magdalan Order, strives to help her brother that had been taken by Aion, the evil leader. Most people doesn't know about the Order that there's a demon working in the Order. His name is Chrno, and become the best friend of Rosette. Along their journey, they make friend with the adorable apostle, Azmaria. When we get to episode 7, suddenly everything goes into chaos, with the appearance of Aion. And in the last 3 episodes, when we finally reveal the story behind all of the characters there, you'll find it really takes your heart away, it's very sad. You must see by yourself!


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