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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Spirited Away

Yesterday night, I watched Spirited Away with my friend, Erwin Rasad. To my surprise, he liked it. I myself has watched it like two or three times, and still find myself enchanted in the story.

The story is about a spoiled little girl Chihiro that about to move to her new home with her parents. In the middle of their journey, they trapped in a sort of "spirit world". In this world, she must save her parents that have been transformed into pigs. Chihiro is frightened and run off. When a boy finds her, he tells her that she must get a job at "The Bath House", a sort of bath house for god spirits. But to do this, she must speak with Yubaba, the witch who rules the bath house. After Yubaba agrees to give Chihiro some work, she takes her name away from her. And she is then called "Sen". While she's at the bath house, she is put under very hard work. And I won't tell you what's next :b.

It's an enchanting and heartwarming story. By the way, it won the Oscar in 2003 for the best animated feature. And got many other awards for the film, music score, and director. If you had not see this anime, you must see it yourself!!

If you have watched the movie and would like to find out what's your character in the movie, go to: http://guru.theotaku.com/view.php?action=retrieve&id=75. My character is Chihiro by the way, I guess I'm as lazy as her haha :b.


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