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Monday, September 12, 2005


Last Saturday, John and I didn't spend the night in Nexus. We stayed in Nexus until about 8 pm, then I came to John's house and stayed over. John showed me his favorite online game, Xian. He showed me the battle mode, the quests, the cities of Xian (they use the actual towns' name in China, Korean, and Japan by the way), and the trading mode.

On Sunday, when I got up, John had already started playing Xian. He did the trading and got 2 millions zin (that's the name of the currency in Xian). Although I didn't want to try it at first, John kind of forced me to try it T_T. Reluctantly I set up a Chinese character I named "JunZhu" (JunZhu is a chinese man worked across my workplace hahaha) and played about 4 hours while John was taking a nap. I did the massive trade with 5 cart-man, and have succeeded to gain 1 million zin just from 10,000 zin at the beginning (I got lucky haha...). I worked in other people's shop at first, then sold some fruits, and after I got enough money then I sold wooden ring and got many zin from it ;). I didn't know that all of them need food *doh*, and I didn't buy my hero a sword, that's why he died so often in the battlefield hahaha...

It's a quite exciting game, but I don't think I could continue playing it since I don't have online connection at home, so John please take care my character ok? hehe...

Oh by the way, if you'd like to try the Indonesian version of Xian, you could try download the game and play it for free (yes, there's no need for voucher or anything) on http://xian.boleh.com/. Piq, wanna try it? Yuks2 :)...


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