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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Sound of Music

Last night, my mom and I watched "The Sound of Music". When I asked her what kind of movies she preferred, she said she didn't really like action movies, she preferred the drama one. So I recommended this movie. She loved it *big grin*. My mom said that Maria (played by Julie Andrews) is an honest young woman and feels that she wasn't appropriate for Captain Von Trapp because of their difference in status. My mom and I watched it straight from 9 pm to 12 pm, and only interrupted during 11.30 pm when we called my dad in Banda Aceh.

When I watched the movies with my mom, I felt like I was like the character in another movie that I watched. By the way, I like all of the sound tracks of "The Sound of Music". I wondered how could they create a movie with many sound tracks that all are very good quality in song and also its lyrics. I think we'll find it hard to find movies like this in these days. My mom said that old movies often contains many lessons in life. I agree with that. After all I like the kind of movies which has some message to say, not just some wow-thats-very-cool kind of movies.


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