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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bad guys in the Bus

Just 20 minutes ago, I was saved again by a stranger. I went to the office by bus (P6). In the bus I choosed my seat next to a stranger in the back row who read a magazine (Jakarta Undercover I think). It's not crowded, but I suspected the two peoples that still don't take a seat although there's still plenty of seat available after Komdak. When I stand up in Kartika, one old man that took a seat in front of me dropped his coins and tried to collect them. The other two men that's still standing prevented me on the way out. One other guy in the back seat started to search my pocket. I think there're 5 peoples at least collaborating in this scenario. Immediately I sat down as fast as I could. They're just stand there doing nothing. The stranger next to me yelled at those guys don't make a mess in here. Then he asked me which place I intended to stop. I said the same as you. He said he'll stop in the Kuningan. I said I'll follow you. When we're reaching Kuningan (just a few hundred meters from Kartika), I went to the exit door and no one stopped me. But my savior's bag were grabbed by them. He yelled to them. I was scared as hell. I just waited for the bus to stop. I felt we were being pushed several times from the bus. I tried to hang until the speed was reasonable for me to jump. I jumped from the bus but I couldn't keep my balance and I fell to the street. Luckily, the car behind me was driving slow and could avoid me easily. I ran away to a nearest Blue Bird taxi and went in. Then I realized my savior was not with me. But in the taxi, I could see him walking alone in opposite to my direction. The bad peoples were seemed not chasing him. I opened my window and I thanked him. I asked his name, and he said it's Togar. So he has saved me today from robbery and possible more worse than that. Thank's God that there're still some good peoples out there that are still willing to save other peoples without being selfish.


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