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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sleepy at Nexus

It's 6.05 am now, and I'm still at Nexus waiting for John to use up his voucher (it's still 2 hours more oh no!!). John is playing that Gunbound game, I don't know why he like that game. I think it's kind of boring, just setting up angle, determine the speed based on the wind direction and speed, and hope that it would hit the enemy. I like more action games like War Craft III DotA (yeah I think I addicted to this game hehe...). Last night, I used Luna and have killed many enemies using her. Haha I like her Eclipse, just press 'E' and one hero down :-P.

I want to go home now! I want to go home now! I want to go home now! (write this 1000x until 8 am). It's sooo boring...


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