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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Star Trek Voyager

What did I do during Independence Day of Indonesia? Attending ceremony? Nope! Join local games like panjat pinang? No, try again! Hanging around with friends? Naah... The correct answer is: sleeping! Haha I've just came back from Nexus on 7.30 am with John and Makka (my friend in Myanmar). We took a cab from there. It's very fun in Nexus. I took my favorite hero Luna Moonfang and destroyed several of those weak enemy heroes hwahwaha. The first game, I became GOD LIKE, but after 12 pm, I lost my concentration. I think I got sick :(. My eyes can't see straight, my nose emitting some slime *yuck*, our team (John, Makka, Imam, and Marcus) got slain easily, and we lost all of our game there. I think we need to play more often as a team, I think we all good as individuals.

Not much that can I say of what I did during the Independence Day. Basically I'm at home watching Voyager. I was watching the Season 3 of Voyager. There's an episode where the Captain (Janeway) begins the journey of her spiritual discovery while trying to save Kes, one of the Voyager's crew member. I like Voyager very much. In each episode, there's always one theme that become the main topic, sometimes it's about friendship, teamwork, interaction with other races with their own unique problems, religion (like this episode), having kids, yes for those who doesn't watch Voyager may not know it but I watched Voyager more because it's very human, not some kind of "weirdo" science fiction. I became fascinated about each personality of the individuals there. I guess I'll try to introduce each one of them here to all of you:

The Captain (Kathryn Janeway): She's the leader of Voyager. She's smart (in fact her knowledge in science is equal to her engineer, Tores). She likes diplomatic and meeting new race and making alliance. She's very discipline. She strongly hold the Prime Directives as her guide.

The First Officer (Commander Chakotay): He's the second man in Voyager. He respects the captain very much and does all of his power to support her. In some way, I think he likes Janeway, but I feel he sacrifices his feeling to maintain the professional relationship for the sake of all crew members.

Tuvok: The vulcan on board Voyager. The captain often rely on him "as her morale compass" (like she said in one of the episodes in Season Two). Like all Vulcan, he thinks in pure logic, and he supresses his emotion to obtain that. He's very honest and very straight to the point.

The Doctor: A hologram that functions as the physician doctor in Voyager. He's 100% computer program, but has the capability to expand it's program to allow social interaction. It's fascinating to see how a computer become more and more like human. The doctor has kind of rude personality that often annoying the crews, but he always care for the health of everyone on Voyager. And one more thing, he likes to sing an opera haha...

B'Elanna Torres: She's the lead engineer on Voyager. A Klingon - Human hybrid. She's very smart and understands how to engineer things to solve complex technical problems. She has a temper personality due to her half Klingon. But she's very brave to express her feeling if she thinks that's the right thing to do.

Tom Paris: The ship's pilot. Often considered as the best pilot on Starfleet. He's the son of one of a highly respected commander on Earth. He doesn't like to be the shadow of his father's figure, so he often seek troubles that usually proves nothing but making his life more difficult. He'll become the future husband of B'Elanna Torres.

Kes: A fascinating Occampa race that only live for 10 years. She's not come from Starfleet, but she joined Voyager together with Neelix, her close friend, when Voyager first stranded in Delta Quadrant. She has a lovely personality, she's smart and has the ability to quickly remember things. She also has some telephatic abilities due to her highly developed brain functions.

Neelix: He's the chef in Voyager. At first, Voyager doesn't have any chef because they have the "replicator" technology. But as Voyager must conserve its energy as much as possible for its long journey, each of the crew there has a limited "replicator ratios", a maximum replicator usage for each crew members. So everyone including the captain must eat in mess hall cooked by Neelix. His official title is "morale officer" since he likes to provide a morale support for the crews, even though I personally think that Kes would be much better fit for that :).

Harry Kim: He works on the bridge along with the captain, Chakotay, Tom, and Tuvok. I'm not really sure what's his function on Voyager. He seems to be in control of the ships technical stuffs like navigation, orbital probing (scanning), communication. He's the best friend of Tom Paris, and often enjoyed the holodect program together.

Seven of Nine: A Borg aboard Voyager. She's taken from a Borg vessel during the "alliance" with the Borg. She's human and originated from earth. She has become a Borg since she was just a little girl. Her parents studied the Borg and during a kind of ion storm, their ship got detected by the Borg and got assimilated by the Borg. After her link to the collective has been severed, she began to regain her individuality again. The captain help her to develop a social interaction and to make friends to other crew members. She's one of the great individuals on Voyager, and it even makes Voyager more enjoyed to watch.

I hope I haven't left anyone behind.


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