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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First week of August

Today, I didn't go fitness, my friend Ario forgot to bring his sport clothes, and Astri went to Telkomsel. We should go fitness every Tuesday and Thursday, but we have absence for two weeks *doh*. I feel my weight has increased more haha...

Last Saturday, first time I used Luna in Nexus, I could kill 12 times the enemy in DotA. I was god-like streak. By the way, if you don't know what's Luna is, check her out on: http://www.dotaportal.com/heroes.php?id=E005. I like her, it suits my character. Wait till all creeps clear, then "Eclipse!", and the enemy hero drop dead. Haha I like that! At around 3 pm, the electricity on Nexus went off, the power unit outside Nexus got burned. 10 minutes later fire department came spraying some white chemical to the power unit. The game center then closed, and it would take few days to finish the repair :( hiks. Then we have lunch in Kelapa Gading Mal. To spend time, we then watched movies "Stealth". It's about a bunch of flight-expert guys, and one of them has insubordination problem then challenged his bos' order. I don't like that, I think a soldier must follow order no matter what. And it somehow caused the A.I in the machine to disobey the order given (what the ???). It's a very typical dumb-American-hero-version of movies. But I admit that the technology in building the movies was great.

Saturday night, we played bowling with Indrawan, John, Marcus, and his friend, Ibel. Then Imam got info where another game center was located. Indrawan and I surveyed the location. At last I could satisfy my urge to kill some hero hehe... Eventhough we lost all the time, but I managed to kill several heroes using Luna. At least, my urge to kill has been satisfied haha... I want some blood kekeke...

Sunday morning at 9 am, as soon I reached my bed, I fall asleep right away.

Monday evening, after went to Plaza Semanggi with Astri, Ario and Listi, I went to Medco to gather the client's requirements on their backup consolidation. Then I helped Ronny installing the anti virus server. He said he wanted to join us in Nexus on the next Friday (you're very welcome Ron!).

Last night, Setyo texted me and said he has been given permission to play games today. So we'll play DotA this evening at BCA, waaa I'm soo glad... I don't know, everyday of my life is just like waiting for the time to play games. In office I have wasted (but I don't think it's wasted haha) much time to browse websites to improve my DotA techniques. Jobs, LMS, Presentations, well... they're not interest me anymore these days. What's going on with me? I think I have been so helplessly addicted. Games! Games! I want Games!

I should get ready now. Bye all, wish me luck in the battle!


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