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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Drop A Line

Yihaaa... I've added "Drop A Line" box in my blog. Now you can drop me a message anytime. Thanks to Astri for the inspiration hehehe... By the way I've spent the last half day in the office yesterday just to add this box. I hope you like it.

And I've also added some links to my friend's blogs.

By the way yesterday, Makka, John and I went to Nexus (yes, it's Monday night!). There weren't many peoples there, but we could still play against other peoples. The bLUE team (with SL@M) were also there (my God are they coming everyday to Nexus?!). When we played 2 on 2 (Makka and I vs John and other), Makka didn't know that we played against John!, that's why I was left alone being gang-banged by John (he's using Pudge the Butcher) and his friend (using Vengeful Spirit), hiks...


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