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Monday, May 22, 2006

Nexus and Interville

Last Saturday morning we went to Nexus with Topiq, Makka, John, and Indrawan to play games like the old days huhu... I arrived late *sorry guys* because I just went to sleep at 4 am on the day before. There we played DotA and I was never died and successfully killed John like 10 times hahaha... What a long game, it took almost 1.5 hours!

After Topiq and Makka went home, John, Indrawan and I played Green TD Pro map. We just learned how to play. Luckily there was one player who knew how to play and taught us how to be a good keeper. A few hours later, after trying the map like 7 times, we finally beat the 36 levels and won the game. Wow it's very nice to see all the light coming from our towers.

Then we went home at 9 pm by busway. As usual I went straight to Interville. As I got there, they were just waiting for one more player (what a lucky coincidence). The game used -sp mode (shuffle players) to random the two teams. I had to play against Sesar *sigh*. I used my best hero Rhasta to support my team, and finally won the game with great effort.

At 1 am, Asiong took us to have dinner at Menteng. I forced Sesar to go with us. Sometimes he could really be pain in the ass, he would join us only if that person come and also that person. We had to drag him so he would go. It's really fun. We laughed a lot on the way there.

I went home at 4 am and slept all day in the Sunday *hoahemmm*...


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