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Friday, May 19, 2006

Another psychological analysis

Here's another psychological analysis based on 5 types of animal: tigers, chameleons, turtle, eagle and salmon. My highest score is on eagle, and the lowest on tiger. Here's the analysis:

Eagles tend to be seen as individualistic. They are not concerned with public opinion and may be egotistical and infringe on the rights of others to get their own way. Eagles are capable, industrious, assertive, and adventurous - idealizing "progress". They are found in any field that esteems independence and are frequently entrepreneurial.

Those with high eagle scores tend to be seen as:
capable, industrious, strong, forceful, foresighted, clear, thinking, independent, spontaneous, intelligent, progressive, ostentatious, well informed, rebellious, confident, idealistic, egostistical, assertive, adventurous.

Those with low tiger scores tend to be seen as:
retiring, inhibited, indifferent, unassuming, easily influenced, dependent, apathetic, submissive conventional, cautious, conservative leisurely, self-restrained, passive unambiguous, quiet, easygoing.

My comment: OMG i'm feeling like a helplessly-easy-to-be-influenced person! Quick someone please influence me to do good and stay out of game pleeeease....

- Astri's blog
- Life-Style Questionaire (http://www.tbzmed.ac.ir/MEP/eng/Modules/DLP/Leadership%20Tutor%20Guide%20LU3.pdf) page 14-16, 63-66


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