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Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday events

I have succeeded in patching the WarCraft III in my laptop! It turned out that we should use the original version of Warcraft III Frozen Throne, not the patched one. So now I could view all the replays that I've saved.

Friday and Saturday night I spent on Interville playing DotA in Battle.Net. It's quite hard to win the game nowadays since the Sentinel usually played as a team. Hey, it's not fair! The Scourge is rarely one team hiks.. After suffered lost for umm... more than 10 times, finally I joined my friend's game in Battle.Net using my best hero, Demon Witch. It's a long and exhausted game, about one and a half hour, since the two teams were equal in skill. But finally we won the game! I killed 12 times with the least being killed muahaha... I could kill more using my FOD lots of the time, but I saved the kills for my friends :) --> see that I'm a very kind person in heart hahaha... I only used it if I'm sure the enemy would escape if I'm not use it. I usually enjoyed my role as the supporting hero in a team game, but sometimes I could be hunger for enemy death too bwahaha *evil laugh*... I used the Dagger of Escape to escape from Sand King's epicenter with BKB :)).

On Sunday evening, after a very hard rain in the afternoon, I went to swim. After taking shower on 8 pm, I slept until Monday morning while hearing Handell Orchestra on ABC Asia channel. The music was quite like Lord of the Rings' theme songs. I slept early trying to 'normalize' my sleeping hour that has changed to 9 am in the Saturday and Sunday (I still think that my normal sleeping hour is 9 am in the morning, it's sooo easy for me not to sleep at night). But still I woke up at 9.30 am today :( *sigh*. Nothing happens today in the office, many peoples are still taking this day off.


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