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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Moving On

Today, I have lunch of celebration with my friends Astri and Ario at Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza Indonesia. Ario has just got accepted working in his new company with a salary increase of almost double! So he'll be leaving us very soon. I'm very happy for him, but also felt sad because my driver will be leaving me *hahaha... omg, just kidding*. The truth is I'm thinking about 'waiting in the station' story my friend Astri wrote on her blog. I feel that I am here all alone waiting while all my friends already move on with their live. When should I be moving on? Will I have the courage to leave my comfort zone to reach a possible bigger future? What am I looking for in my life? *Sigh* If only I know the answer...

Ario, the lucky man of the day :)

Astri and I, currently waiting in the old station... *hiks*


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