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Friday, December 30, 2005

King Kong

Last night, we went watching King Kong in Taman Anggrek Mal. I got there at 8.00 pm, just 5 minutes before the movie began. The movie was good, although I'm quite a bit dissapointed, that girl should have jumped the building, then it would be a real tragic, like Romeo and Juliet haha... The first hour of the movie, I wondered whether we have entered the wrong theater haha it's like an old cheap movie, but after they arrived on that foggy island, then it's like wow... Bravo to Peter Jackson!

So here we are: Asiong, Kevin (Asiong's son, yes we have the same name), Cesar, and Napi. By the way, Cesar is the most experienced DotA player in Interville. He joined the team of 2005 WCG Indonesia, so you can imagine how hard it is to beat him. He almost never lost in any game we had in Interville *sigh*.

Cesar, Kevin, and Napi


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