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Thursday, December 01, 2005


You know what? I can't come home last night :((. I have left my keys at the office *darn*. I've just known it after we bought some food after playing games at Interville around 12.30 AM midnight. So I just spent my night there like zombie until 6.30 AM :(. But one thing that could cheer me up, at last I could play on IndoGamers Battle.net. Wow, it's very crowded there! There're a lot of DotA games were being played every minutes!

So here I'm stuck at the office, exhausted, without any sleep and without taking a bath for errr... 2 days *ewww... yuck*, and now I have to go to client's office to present something at 9 AM. I plan to go home after the presentation. I guess I'll just working half-day today. And this night my friends at Interville invited me to go with them watching Harry Potter IV at Taman Anggrek Mal *yipeee*.


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