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Friday, December 02, 2005

Watching Harry Potter with Interville friends

Yesterday I got home at 11 am, and went directly to sleep. Got up at 5.30 pm, took shower and then went to Nexus. As usual there would be some kind of chaos when you tried to arrange a sudden "go to the movie with lots of peoples" like call this person, wait that person, force some persons (hehe), ask the schedule for the movie, arrange the transportation, and the situation got worsen because four of us were the administrators of the Interville game center, so they had to brief one new people to replace them first. The movie started at 7 pm.

Finally we went by cabs to Taman Anggrek Mal at 6.55 pm. We arrived at the theater at 7.25 pm (yeah, it's 25 minutes late). It's when the goblet of fire has decided who will go to the Triwizard tournament. Grrr... I would buy the DVD later to see the parts I missed.

I like the new directors of the Harry Potter movies (not Chris Colombus). They could make the movie appears "darker" and mysterious. Yes, there're many parts of the book that were not included in the motion picture, but I think that's okay, how would you think you could squeeze 700 pages of book into 2 hours movies without reducing the details a lot.

On our way back to Interville, we're discussing the things that were quite similar to the DotA games, like Knight Davion Dragon (to the dragon in the Triwizard tournament), Medusa (the creatures inside the lake), Lich King (the one that held Harry Potter in the graveyard), Death Prophet (lord Voldemort's form before transformation), Finger of Death (to the lightning that came from Harry Potter and Voldemort's wands), etc. Hahaha, it's fun...

PS: Hey, it's us in the picture! *big grin*


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