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Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Sweet Seventeen sis...

Two days ago, my little sister had her 17th birthday. They said that this is the age where you begin to start to be grown up. Congratulations sis, you're closer to become a "baba" hahaha! Hmmm... I'm thinking of finding a present for her. Maybe I'll buy the Studio Ghibli DVD collections, because she's a freak of Japanese Anime. We'll go to Ambassador today, so I'll search it there.

By the way, yesterday I watched Chrno Crusade episode 1 - 12. I borrowed it from John, the "anime leacher" of mine. The stories is about ghosts hunter from an elite organization, and our hero is this little girl who has the ability to hunt down the ghosts with her accurate shot. She made a friend with a demon boy, and an angel girl. The two of them always accompany and help her on her missions. The story is quite nice, I kind of like it.

Hmmm... what else?! Oh, John and I were going to Nexus again on the last Saturday. We played as a team at last. I used Crystal Maiden and Demon Witch as my heroes, and John used Skeleton King and that snake-like thingie hero (forget its name). We've won most of the games, and several times we lose but with a very good fight. So I'm quite in a good mood today haha...

I'm going to Ambassador now. See you later!


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