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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My personality according to Doubutsu Uranai


You are Black Panther, who is a quiet type of person, and is natural and not pretentious.
You are very honest, and earnest. You are extremely good person.
Even if the situation is at your disadvantage, you can make fair decisions to decide the order of priority.
You are sure to return the favor you received, and try to have a sincere relationship with people.
You dislike being intruded into your own little world.
Therefore, you don't have wide contacts or lots of new friends.
You cherish old friends from school, and keep that relationship steadily.
You are very curious person, and likes new things.
You tend to challenge many things, and have guts to finish it all by your self.
There is a side of your personality, that is little obstinate.
But you can carry out your belief to the end without being influenced by outer factors.
You tend to be very cautious.
You will think of consequences, before putting into action.
When you do things in a rush, you may end up suffering from great damage, so be careful.
You are born a fortunate man, in that even if you get in a difficult situation, there will always be a hand outstretched to help you.


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