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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first car

Yesterday I just bought a car. It's a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2 door. Dennis helped me a lot in the process. He found that car on a website, contacted the owner, e-mail back and forth to her, test driving the car, etc. Thanks a lot Dennis, I owed you a lot. Then I picked up the car with Dennis on SLB Sugarland office (she worked there). Because I didn't have driving license yet, Dennis took the car to our San Felipe office.

Then at 3 pm, we went to insurance company. Dennis asked me "Hey wanna drive your car?". "Could I?", I asked. "Yeah, yeah, try it", Dennis said giving me the key. Oh boy, this is very different than the manual car I used in Indonesia. First Dennis taught me how to adjust side mirrors. Dennis was busy opening and closing the sunroof. Oh wow I didn't know it has sunroof *lol*. "Ummm how to change gear from P to R?" I asked. "Press the brake pedal all the way, then press this button and pull the gear", Dennis answered. "Oh okay... So to go from R to D do I have to push the brake all the way too?", I asked. "Yes", said Dennis. "Whoa, whoa, why the car goes forward when I didn't push the gas at all?", I asked panickly. "Yes, because D is supposed to drive forward", Dennis answered not exactly answering my question. Okay, now I can reverse the car, and I can move the car forward. That's a big progress I think haha *lol*. "So how can I stop in the traffic light?", I asked him direct question. "You press break pedal and hold it there", Dennis answered. Oh it makes sense now. I guess it was my very first automatic car lesson 101 then haha...

Then it came to the real traffic. We have to pass the Galleria area, one of the busiest street in Houston. Oh come on Dennis, you should give me easier task! Dennis was like car instructor: "Ok, now prepare to go left, change to the left lane if you can", "It's red light, prepare to stop the car", "You can go to the right if it is safe", "Do not slow down when you move lane", and his instruction of the day "Now move forward quicker, you don't want the car behind you to wait". Oh my god, it's too much information to take at once. And I several times turned on the wiper instead of turning the right/left sign, and Dennis laughed out loud everytime I did it. Hey try to drive Asian/Europe car and I can laughed you at that *lol*.

After office, I took the car to the apartment myself. It's only 2 blocks away though :D.


Anonymous laura said...


3:02 PM  
Blogger Chrno said...

haha at least kalo pas kesini bisa jalan2 kita wkwk...

11:00 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

iyaaaaaaaaaaaaa... bener yak ^^
dolar mahal nih... sial :|
tunggu dolar turun lagi yak...
wkwkwk, gatut ga jd kesono deh, hohhoho

1:51 PM  
Anonymous mac said...

wuaaaaaaaaahhh!! Can't picture you driving a car!! :)

selamat ya!! drive save!

4:21 PM  
Anonymous astri said...

wow, the joki has now turned into a driver :D Congrats!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*LOL* ......... See how fast you have to manage your skill.. I always want you to drive, but seems ladies lead in our family (wahahhaha) - AMANDA

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to drive matic's car (lesson):
* to change gear P to N,D,R,1,2 : you just need to press "brake pedal"

1. P (for Parking), your car will stop the place that you leave it
2. N (for Neutral), you need to switch to neutral in case the traffic light come into red or you want to park your car but anyone can easily move/push it.
3. D (for Drive), the car will automatically run even you aren't press the pedal, but it will run slowly
4. R (for Reverse), the car will go in reverse/back up.

Is that clear my dear? Hhahahhahhaha

10:35 AM  

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