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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving In to Apartment

I moved in to the apartment last Sunday. I was helped by Dennis, my friend and also my colleague in the office. He was told (or forced hahaha) by my manager to help me, but I really hope that he helped me as friend haha.. Anyway he came on Sunday to my hotel, then we went to the apartment's office to sign all paper works and make a payment for this month.

After we got my apartment's key, then we went to Hooters to have lunch. Yayyy my new credit card from SECU had been activated, and this is my first payment using it. Then Dennis took me to H.E.B, a large groceries here. I was just intended to buy onion and tomatoes, but at the end I bought many stuffs including eggs, bread, corn oil, detergent, toilet paper, and all that stuff to needed in everyday life. I should have thought that before taking that small hand-carry cart :(.

At 4.30 PM we were back to the hotel. The IKEA Mover called me saying that they were at my apartment. WTF... We went to my apartment in rush. The mover then dropped all of the boxes in the room. They wanted $50 extra fee because I couldn't make the 10 AM delivery. Helloow but you too were late from 2 PM as promised. But what the hell, I don't care; this is the last IKEA furniture I bought.

Oh one more thing about IKEA. I went shopping with my manager, last Friday. She drove me there, and then she helped me with the shopping. First we took a note (marked the shelf and rack number) of the furniture we wanted to buy, and then we bought kitchenware, pillows, quilt, cover, lamp, toolbox, and dropped them all in her car.

Next.... came the exciting part (or may I say horrible part). Go to each shelf and rack, and then pick up all of the box yourself. She helped me picking up the heavy boxes from the shelf and also she helped me with the carts. She's a good manager don't you think hihihi... Now I'll consider her as my second mother here hahahaha... We ended like 4 full carts. Then we made the schedule for delivery. This was the part I missed. I didn't know that the apartment's office was opened at 12 PM on Sunday, while IKEA will start the delivery from 10 AM on Sunday.

The good thing (or worse thing depends on your point of view) about IKEA is we have to build our own furniture. I am a carpenter since that Sunday. I have built a sofa, coffee table, two corner tables, two chairs, dining table, and a queen size bed!! Hahaha you will feel good once it's completed. It'll give you a sense of accomplishment haha (yeah right)... Viva IKEA!!!


Anonymous astri said...

waduuuh, baik bener managernya sampe bantuin milih bantal segala ?? maybe she sees you as her long lost son or sumthin :)) Anyway.. good to know ure adjusting well there, don't forget ure ol' friends in j town ya! (ahaha can't believe i used the word j town)
Btw, nice bed. Post pictures of your other furniture when they're done will u?

2:46 PM  
Blogger -awwybewwy- said...

alow vin, nice to have a new home.
grets from jakarta :D

5:04 AM  

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