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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Playing War Craft again

Three days ago, I got a new laptop from the office. The first thing I did when I arrived at the hotel was installing War Craft III gyahaha... After setting up the Battle.Net gateway to Indogamers, voila suddenly I'm transported back to Jakarta. I can join the games created by my friends with one second delay. Did it matter in game? Yes, one second is a huge different between life and death in War Craft. But who cares? The thing that really matters is now I'm with my dear friends again.

Here's my stat in the past three days:
- GG-Client Latin America (2008/07/30): These guys can only speak Spanish: "sos el lacuha del clan nosierto?", "t fuiste dl clan o t botaron?", "va a ser para q me fruteen", etc... I guessed they were friends or in some clan. Two out of three were godlike!! Wew we won easily.
- Indogamers Jakarta (2008/07/31): With Kenneth. The first time I joined a game from Jakarta. The first game we lost. Then Bobby came. Oh, he is one of the four top team in Indonesia by the way (WCG 2007), and he turned the tide. My first triple kill here using Lich.
- GG-Client Russian (2008/08/01): I played with this one Russian with amazing skill. His name was "versan". In the middle of the game, two players from our side left the game. So we're only two against four. Guess what? They couldn't kill us and we owned the game! Yeah I know they probably were noobs, but still it's not easy to beat four moderate players. I add him in my friend list to play again sometimes :-P.
- GG-Client Malaysia (2008/08/01): I played twice with Bobby. Malaysians used words like "cb" and "ee" that turns out to be "cibe" and "eek" ewwwwwww.... hahahahahaha....
- Indogamers Jakarta (today): I played twice with Bobby. I still never lost a game with him..

Viva TCP/IP !!!


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