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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Ride of My Life

Yaaay... At last I have fulfilled my dream to take roller coaster ride on Petaling Jaya mal here on Kuala Lumpur. Okay let's rewind back to 2 years ago when I went here with Ditto and Helmi.

Me: "Ditto, Helmi, let's take the roller coaster. It seems fun!"
Ditto: "I'm sure wouldn't take it"
Helmi: "No, I'm not interested"
Ditto: "You go ahead, take the ride. We'll wait you here"
Me: "@*#^@&$^@*" (grumpy all the way in the mall)

So it was in my mind for 2 years, until I was here again. Now with Listi, Erwin, Dwi, Evy, and Taufik (not the Taufiq chilled-one mind you hahaha).

Me: "Errr... guys anyone would want to take the roller coaster?" (a bit unsure, afraid to be dissapointed once more)
Listi: "I don't like it. It's not my thing." (yeah I know your thing Lis, must be the pompa-pompi thingy hihihi)
Dwi: "Where is it?"
Me: "There!" (pointing upward to the sound of peoples screaming like hell)
Dwi: "..." (no sound coming out)
Erwin: "Yuk yuk yuk"
Me: (shocking) "Really?" (with tears coming out hahaha no just kidding)
Erwin: "Yeah, let's go"
Me: "Anyone else want to go?"
Listi, Dwi, Evy, Taufik: "..."

So we both went to the ride, paid for the ticket, and go straight sit in the ride. Then just as it would start, I felt a bit unsure that I really wanted to do this.

Me: "Erwin, maybe this is not a good idea"
Erwin: "Tenang aja Kev. Gua juga takut niih"
Me & Erwin: (tatapan trus sama2 tersenyum kecut)

Then, it happens! Hahahaha... Whoaaaaaaa.... It's really fun!

Then we just knew that our ticket has included all the ride here. So we took another ride. It's a kind of ride which has 3-row-chairs, then the chairs will be flipped over and over and over again. I thought that I have felt the worst part on roller coaster that nothing would be scarier than that. Hell I was wrong! Imagine this. We're flipped over backward 3 times very fast (in less than 2 seconds) then halted, then flipped forward. You'll gonna feel like you're jumping from a very high floor and halted, much like bungee-jumping, only it's over and over again. It's shape is not fancy (just take 4x4x5 meters of space), but it sure couple times scarier than the roller coaster!!

Dare to try it? Muahahaha... ^,.,^