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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wake Up

I guess I have a really bad sense of time especially the time to wake up. I always come to school "ON TIME" (meaning: the bell rang when I entered the schools gate). So I always started my day in hurry. Breakfast must be done in less than one minute. Did you know that you could eat faster if you drink while you eat. Riding my bike faster than cars, I surely could win a bike race when I was almost late on my killer-teacher's class. I tried to wake up early several times you know, but then I would have time to enjoy my breakfast, biking while listening to the birds and trees all around the residential, and still I almost late for the class. I even thought that it was my curse destined to be late. So I didn't bother to wake up early anymore.

In high school, the things were not much different. I still ate breakfast with 3 spoonful of food followed by drink in a gulp. Because of my "ON TIME" behavior, several times in a month I was late. In my school, the late students were gathered in front of the school, and then given some tasks while waiting for the 2nd lesson. Usually I was ordered to cut the grass and tend the garden. It's my favorite time of day, I could breathe fresh air, watching the trees grow, listen to the song of the birds, enjoy the warmth of the morning sun *yeah right*. Morale lesson: You could get a healtier lifestyle by coming late to school. And did you think the punishment stop there? No! I still have to face the wicked look of my teachers in the class and the smile on my friends watching my panicked look. Once, my Sosiology teacher told me if I late for her class again then she would have me sing in front of the class. And the next week I got late again. It's like the world has collaborated to get me late that day. But I didn't stand defeated. I hid at the back of the school waiting for the 3rd lesson (she only teached the first two lessons). When I was back to the class, my friends told me that she was anxious to get me to sing but she was dissapointed when I didn't appear (she was thinking I didn't go to school that day) MUAHAHAHAHA...

In university the things got worse, but I got luckier than ever! Once I woke up at 10 AM while having mid test at 9 AM, because I was studying all night and just slept at 6 AM. Morale lesson: Do not believe that you could sleep for 2 hours. So I skipped the mid test for Introduction to Electrical Power / TTE (Tiba-tiba E) lesson, but then on final it's announced that the grade was taken on the best two scores of the mid and final tests. Yaaaay so it's really no matter if my mid test was zero. I got A for that lesson by the way hehe.. In my years at the university, I have a best friend who always fill my attendance list. Once when I got up early and attended the morning class, I was surprised that my signature was already there HUHU my best friend thought I didn't come as usual so he didn't bother to check if I came. I survived most of the time. But on Energy Conversion class, the lecturer filled the attendance list himself! He called our names one by one. And he already knew me so my best friend couldn't pretend to be me, except if he wore a big handkerchief covering his eyes and face like ninja pretended to get some wicked avian flu. Yeah! The result can be predicted, I failed the 70% attendance requirement needed to have final exam. I met him at his office asking for his kindness hiks hiks.. He told me that he would allow me to have final exam, but I have to do a presentation in front of the class. Morale lesson: You might be able to practice your presentation skill by getting late. And did you know what happened? I woke up late on my presentation day!!!! DA*N!! I was supposed to do the presentation at 7 AM and I woke up at 7.30 AM. Hurrily I changed my pajamas to shirt, sprayed a few parfumes, add water to my hair so that my friends couldn't tell I didn't take a bath *ewww*, and run like hell to the class. I terribly felt sorry that he has been so kind to let me have my final exam, and now I was paying his good will by getting late. I arrived at 8.30 AM. I was standing in front of the door. The lecturer happened to see me, then he opened the door and asked me why I coming late. He asked me where I lived. I said in Margahayu (actually it was my uncle's home and it's located quite far from ITB). Suddenly the class grew wild, some of them laughed uncontrolable, some knocked the table histerically, and the others were puzzled of the sudden noise in the class. DA*N them, they might just uncover me from my alibi zzzz... After class, I just knew that I was the last in my class to be known for unhonesty. Everyone has been exposed do some bad deeds and I was the last who doesn't until that day..