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Monday, September 11, 2006


Do you have a moment in your life when you'd like to just dissapear from the crowd and be alone, just you and your mind. When you basically fed up from all the things in your life and need a quiet place to hide yourself? That's what I did in the past two days. I just spent the days just be alone with myself with no interruption from the outside. The result? My parents searched me through my relatives. The apartment's operator even called the emergency phone saying I should contact my parents immediately. Hey what did they think I'm lost or something? -_-

All these days I was wondering what does a problem mean? Is it how you define all the things that you don't like? Now, what if you can accept that problem as part of yourself so it won't be classified as your problem anymore, but the troubling matter is everyone else expecting you to NOT have that problem. Let's just say their expectation is different from what you are. Is it still your problem or theirs?

Take an example like skin color. Maybe you have a black skin, and some peoples out there may not like it, but there's nothing you could do about it. Is it still your problem or theirs? Or maybe you have a very ugly face that even the monkey hates you, and all people around you doesn't like you to have an ugly face. So is it still your problem or theirs? Can you just told them "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BUGGER!!" but it wouldn't solve anything would it? You'd still have your black skin and your ugly face. You might say you would take a pil that could turn black-skinned people into fair one, or do a heavy cosmetic surgery that would even transform an ape into a very handsome man in the world. If only life is as simple as that.

Now another case, imagine you just had an accident and became crippled. You had no choice but to live through it. Some peoples out there may not like that and now they would stay away from you. So what would you do in such condition? Would you eventually be fed up and shut yourself from outside world?