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Monday, January 17, 2005

My last day on Al Khafji

Hmmm... Why on earth do I create a blog account? This must be because of Adit *lol*, my old friend from TL :). I just wanted to put some comments on his blog, but to do so I must be registered. Well... let's write some blog then :).

Today is my last day in Al Khafji, Saudi Arabia. I've been here for 3 weeks for a project. Now I'm in my room on SLB Compound writing this 'blog' (does anyone know why it's called blog??). Btw it's very cold now. It's winter here. Hey it turns out the desert could be very very cold! It's like 6 C yesterday morning, and there was smoke coming out when we're talking. This town is very small, not much in here. In fact there's nothing here but oil grrr *grumble* it's soo boring. The town is very near to the beach. The KJO office (the place I worked) is located on the shore. They have a very beautiful beach with white sand, but no one swims there hehe...

My favorite activity was just watching TV all the time, and of course eating and sleeping *yawn*. Luckily they have cable TV and internet, so I have survived for the last 3 weeks haha. Tomorrow I'll be back to Indonesia. I'm soo glad that I'll meet my friends again and meet my family (they are in Jakarta now).

Ok, I'm so hungry now, I hope we'll go out dinner now. If not then I'll just cook Indomie. By the way, I just learned how to cook :).

C U,