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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dota Guide

This time I'll just show you my note on DotA heroes. I always keep this note on my XDA and revised it whenever possible. For you who has just started playing DotA and not sure what items or magic to be picked, you can start with this note. Please send me comments if you have something that I missed.

I've found a way to shorten the skill (magic) writing. I wrote it with the most important one to be picked, then followed by the 2nd most important, and so on. For example you'll find for abaddon support I wrote: ultimate --> shield --> heal --> frost mourne. It means:
lev 1: shield (because you can only get ultimate on lev 6)
lev 2: heal
lev 3: shield
lev 4: heal
lev 5: shield
lev 6: ultimate (this is the time you can get the first ultimate)
lev 7: shield
lev 8: heal
lev 9: heal
lev 10: frost mourne (because shield and heal both have reached their max level)
lev 9: frost mourne
lev 10: frost mourne
lev 11: ultimate (note that now we can increase the level of our ultimate, which is the most important skill)
lev 12: frost mourne
lev 13-15: stats
lev 16: ultimate (another increase on ultimate)
lev 17-21: stats

Got it? No? Haha.. Let's try one more time. For example you see for abaddon killer I wrote: ultimate --> shield + stats 2 --> frost mourne --> stats. It means:
lev 1: shield
lev 2: stat
lev 3: shield
lev 4: stat
lev 5: shield
lev 6: ultimate
lev 7: shield
lev 8: frost mourne (because shield has reached its max level and we've taken 2 stats)
lev 9: frost mourne
lev 10: frost mourne
lev 11: ultimate
lev 12: frost mourne
lev 13-15: stats
lev 16: ultimate
lev 17-21: stats

Still don't get it? Let's try a hard one: naga siren. I wrote: ensnare --> crit 1 + mirror image 2 --> ultimate 1 --> mirror + crit --> ultimate. It means:
lev 1: ensnare (yes you got it)
lev 2: crit
lev 3: ensnare
lev 4: mirror image
lev 5: ensnare
lev 6: mirror image
lev 7: ensnare
lev 8: ultimate (we're taking ultimate after ensnare has reached max level, crit 1 level, and mirror image 2 levels. got it?)
lev 9: mirror image
lev 10: crit (plus sign means they have the same level of importantance, so take them alternatively one after the other)
lev 11: mirror image
lev 12: crit
lev 13: crit
lev 14: ultimate
lev 15: stat
lev 16: ultimate

I hope you understand what i'm trying to say here. One more thing, you'll see date and a name beside it. The date shows the date i wrote the guide, and the name shows who i get the ideas from.

Dota Guide (Updated Nov 19, 2007)

- abaddon killer (11/17/06, ice suuuuw): ring of basilius, hand of midas, boot of speed, radiance, vitality booster, power thread, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate (borrowed time) --> shield + stats 2 --> frost mourne --> stats. tips: in big battle, give venge shield to make swap. if not then use shield on self, then go to the front. if you are targeted a lot then click 'b' (borrowed time) immediately. 13 min should get midas, 30 min should get sacred relic.
- abaddon support (2/24/07, my guide): ring of basilius, tango 2, clarity potion 1, (bracer), mekans, power thread, sange&yasha. magic: ultimate --> shield --> heal --> frost mourne. tips on big battle: shield yourself, go first in battle, attack the killer, use ultimate when your shield destroyed (meaning you're targeted), mekans. if enemy uses eul on you: shield our killer, go first in battle, attack the killer, heal + mekans our killer,
let ultimate naturally formed.
- akasha (5/1/06, my guide): 3 tango, 4 ironwood branch, 1 clarity potion, perseverance, 1 ultimate orb, boot, skadi, linken sphere or mkb. alternative: ring of regeneration, boot of speed, 3 null, aghanim, refresher orb, linken sphere. magic: blink + scream + shadow strike 1 only --> sonic wave (ultimate) --> stat. concept: blink (b) then shadow strike (d) then hit hit hit, blink (b) then scream (f) then hit hit. use ultimate to as many enemy heroes as possible (not necessarily to get kill).
- alchemist (9/14/07, niwax): ring of basilius + 2 tango + 1 clarity potion, (2 bracer), power thread, sange&yasha, battle fury / radiance, tarrasque, hyper stone, assault cuirass. magic: ultimate (chemical rage) --> stun --> goblin's greed --> acid spray. use stun to harass your enemy early game (preferredly with a friend). use ultimate all the time: very fast cooldown, and increase hp and mana, you may never go back to base.
- anub'arak (9/24/07, denny): 2 tango + 3 clarity, empty bottle, boot, dagon, guinsoo. magic: ultimate --> mana burn + impale --> stats. tips: your ultimate's windwalk is quite long: lev 1 at 3 o'clock, lev 2 at 6 o'clock, lev 3 at 9 o'clock. so windwalk from long range, hit the hero (do not rush, take it easy), followed by impale, hit, hit, mana burn, run along, impale. you are early-to-mid hero, prioritize to backstab in early game.
- anub'seran: 2 wraith band, vanguard, power thread, crystalis, mkb, burriza. skill: ultimate (time lapse) --> sukuchi --> germinate attack --> stats.
- axe (8/2/07): sobi mask + 2 tango, 2 stout shield, vanguard, dagger, boot, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate --> battle hunger --> counter helix --> berserk call.
- azwraith (7/09/07, my build): ring of regen + 2 tango, stout shield, wraith band, boot, power thread, diffusal blade, radiance, butterfly, heart of tarrasque, assault cuirass. magic: ulti --> lance throw + dopplewalk 1 --> juxtapose --> dopplewalk.
- balanar (7/7/07): 3 tango + 5 ironwood, 2 bracer + boot (hunt & return), belt of giant strength (hunt), sange (hunt), yasha (hunt), sange&yasha, power thread, satanic. magic: void --> hunter in the night --> darkness (ultimate) --> stats --> crippling fear (from lev 17). how to kill: sneak from behind --> attack --> void --> attack. be brave, no one can chase you at night, even banehallow in wolf form. use ultimate as soon as it available. hunt hero at night (and when ultimate), always keep portal. use crippling fear to silent and miss the enemy (optional).
- bane elemental (4/14/07, my build): ring of basilius, void stone, eul, boot, guinsoo, skadi. magic: ultimate (fiend grip) --> brain sap --> sleep. your int is very low, buy items that increase int first (ie: robe of magi).
- banehallow (rando, 6/24/07): sobi mask, boot, ring of basilius, bracer 2, (hood of defiance), power thread, demon edge, mkb, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate (shapeshift) --> summoned wolf --> feral heart --> howl. tips: use summoned wolf to harass your enemy so you could creeping. one summoned wolf has half your hp and half your dmg (2 wolf = yourself! they're that strong).
- barathum: ring of regen, boot, 2 bracer, power thread, mask of madness, sange & yasha, cranium basher. skill: ultimate --> 1 charge of darkness --> empowering haste + 3 --> charge of darkness. tips: charge when you're close to enemy.
- bloodseeker (6/23/07): tango, 2 wraith band, yasha, boot, 2 wraith band, power thread, sange&yasha, radiance. magic: ultimate --> bloodbath --> thirst --> bloodrage.
- boneclink (1/23/07, rando): ring of regen, ring of basilius, boot, power thread, 2 wraith band, sacred relic, aegis, rapier. skill: searing arrow + windwalk 1 --> strafe --> windwalk --> stat 2 --> ultimate (start from lev 15). howto: attack creep automatically, use searing arrow to last hit and harrash enemy hero.
- broodmother (9/16/07, kenneth): 4 ironwood + 1 circlet + 1 tango, power thread, wraith band, (bkb if enemy lots of mage, buriza do kyanon if poor), eaglehorn, butterfly, tarrasque, butterfly. magic: ulti (hunger) -> 2 web -> 4 incapacitating bite -> spiderlings. tips: use ulti when creeping on neutral to charge your hp (cooldown only 60 secs), in big battle do not show up first, attack when enemies do not focus on you, if they focus run backward to the web, repeat.
- chen (11/17/06, ice milo): sentry ward, flask, helm of dominator, ring of basilius, observer ward++, boot, mekans, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate (global heal) --> persuasion --> penitance --> test of faith. tips: dominate centaur, not persuade! big battle: crep stun stun stun + penitance, kalo creep mau mati keluarin global heal.
- crystal maiden (9/26/07, blind justice): empty bottle + ironwood 4, dagger, boot, (2 bracer), bkb, aghanim. magic: frostbite + nova --> ultimate (freezing field) --> stats.
- dark seer (6/11/07, calcaneus): ring of basilius, perseverance, boot, battle fury, power thread, vladmir's offering, assault cuirass. skill: ion shell --> vacuum --> surge (lari cepet) --> ultimate. use ion shell to enemy's ranged creep to hurt heroes. use vacuum as finisher.
- dark terror (11/11/07, XcN Lakuci): ring of regen + 2 tango, (3 wraith band if poor), mask of madness, boot, battle fury, power thread, heart of tarrasque, butterfly. skill: ultimate (chronosphere) --> blink 2 + stat 4 --> stun ---> backtrack --> blink.
- dazzle (4/20/07): ring of basilius + tango, mithril hammer, boot, bracer, stygian desolator, power thread, 2 bracer, mekans, hyper stone, assault cuirass. magic: ultimate --> heal + stun --> armor.
- demon witch (11/5/07, lomkepake): ring of basilius + tango, ring of health, boot, perseverance, soul booster + aghanim, refresher orb (or guinsoo), eye of skadi. magic: ultimate (finger of death) --> impale + vodoo + mana 1 only (in lev 4) --> stats.
- doom (2/5/06): boot, void stone, aegis, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate (doom) --> lev death 2 + stats 3 --> (hunt) --> lev death 1 --> (hunt) --> lev death 1 --> (hunt) --> scourch earth 4 --> stats. how to hunt: go solo. when you get lev death 2 (with doom available), find lev 5 enemy, then level death + doom. when you get lev death 3, find lev 8 enemy. when you get lev death 4, find lev 9 enemy. use level death + doom, or level death twice to kill.
- enchantress (7/18/07): 3 tango, 3 clarity potion, stout shield, vitality booster, vanguard, power thread, null talisman, oblivion staff, eul, guinsoo, assault cuirass. magic: ultimate (untouchable) --> impetus --> heal --> stat 2 --> enchant. tips: always keep 3 clarity potions in your inventory.
- enigma (4/12/06, guide): ring of regen, flask, clarity potion, ring of basilius, boot of speed, necronomicon, bracer, guinsoo. magic: blackhole (ulti) --> malefice + conversion --> stat 1 --> midnight pulse 4 --> stat
- furion (5/22/07, lagunaboy): ring of regen + tango + ironwood, boot, bracer, power thread, bracer, eul, guinsoo, sange, sange&yasha, tarrasque. magic: ultimate --> sprout 1 --> teleport + stat 5 --> sprout. do not buy chicken. use ultimate to creep as soon as it active to get gold. lev 5 start to backstab using teleport skill. use obs to spy neutral creep (to backstab further). your movement speed must be faster than your enemies (for running away and chasing). when ganked use teleport to base asap.
- gondar (9/19/07): ring of regen + slippers agility 2, boot, wraith band 2, ring of basilius, power thread, sange, sange&yasha, battlefury, satanic. magic: toss --> windwalk --> ultimate (track) --> critical/evasion. to backstab: windwalk --> hit --> track --> toss, repeat.
- harbringer (4/16/07): tango 2, boot, null 3, power thread, mystic staff, aghanim staff, aghanim staff 4.
- huskar (6/26/07): 2 gauntlets of strength + 2 tango + 1 circlet nobility, vitality booster, boot, 2 bracer, heart of tarrasque, power thread, heart of tarrasque 3. magic: ultimate (life break) --> burning spear --> inner vitality 1 --> berserker's blood --> inner vitality. tips: as soon as you get tarrasque, auto-cast your burning spear.
- jahrakal stunner (8/20/07, kenneth): tango 3 + 4 ironwood, mask of death, boot, helm of dominator, power thread, 2 wraith band, butterfly, bkb, mkb / satanic. magic: ulti (rampage) --> fervor + stat 2 --> melee. you may creep on neutral creep once you have helm of dominator.
- jahrakal tajir (2/2/07, kraven): ring of regen + 2 tango + circlet nobility, boot, maelstorm, power thread, bracer, mjolnir, sacred relic, aegis, rapier. skill: ulti (rampage) --> fervor --> stat --> blind (start from lev 14).
- jakiro (11/14/07, my build): empty bottle, obs, bracer, boot, void stone, eul, guinsoo, shiva. magic: ultimate --> dual breath --> ice path (stun). tips: dual breath is perhaps the best spammed magic in dota as it slows area (as and ms) as well gives dmg, jakiro has quite a lot hp (you can afford a couple of strikes when casting dual breath), dual breath would kill ranged creep in several seconds. tips: use ulti to lots of creep (the ultimate cooldown is quite fast).
- lanaya (8/26/07): 3 slippers of agility + 2 tango, 4 wraith band, power thread, butterfly, stygian desolator, radiance. magic: ultimate (trap) --> range + 1 meld --> refraction.
- leshrac (9/18/07, my build): ring of basilius, ring of health, perseverance, boot, (2 bracer), mystic staff, aghanim, dagger. tourney: obs + tango 2 + clarity 2 + ironwood 3, bracer 2, boot, soul booster, aegis, boot of travel, aghanim. magic: ultimate --> lightning + stat 4 --> stun 1 --> pulse nova. tips: on big battle you're on the very back (use lightning + stun), then when chaos step forward activate ultimate then pulse nova in the middle of chaos.
- lich (11/2/07, my guide): headress of rejuvination + 1 clarity potion, boot, mekans, necronomicon 3. magic: ultimate (chain frost) --> frost nova --> dark ritual.
- lina (9/26/07, peacetime): sobi mask + 2 tango + 2 clarity potion, perseverance, boot, bracer, soul booster, dagger, boot of travel, aghanim, eul. magic: ultimate (laguna) --> dragon slave --> stun.
- luna moonfang (8/20/07, kenneth): ring of regeneration + 3 ironwood, 2 ring of regeneration, boot, hood of daviance, helm of dominator, power thread, butterfly, satanic. magic: ultimate --> lunar blessing --> moon glaive.
- magina (4/15/07, phraya): town portal, ring of health, vanguard, power thread, wraith band, cranium basher, butterfly or radiance. magic: ultimate (mana void) --> mana break + 1 blink --> anti magic --> blink --> stats.
- medusa (1/31/06, my guide): ring of regeneration, clarity potion 3, boot of speed, eul. magic: ultimate --> mana shield + chain lightning --> stat. next item: support mode: mekans; disabler mode: guinsoo; detection mode: gem of true sight; tanker mode: aegis; hero killer: crystalis + hyperstone (or sange yasha?).
- meepo (4/29/07): mekans, boot, vladmir offering, power thread, assault cuirass, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate --> geostrike + stat 2 --> earthbind. tips: as soon as you get vladmir, you can creep in wood, even solo roshan.
- mirana (8/25/07, kenneth): 2 tango + 4 ironwood, perseverance, ultimate orb, linken sphere. magic: star fall + 1 leap --> panah cinta --> leap --> ultimate.
- mortred (8/26/07, kenneth): 2 tango + 3 ironwood + 1 slippers of agility, ring of health, perseverance, mithrill hammer, boot, battle fury, (2 wraith band), helm of dominator, demon edge, mkb, power thread, satanic. magic: ultimate --> blink strike --> shadow strike --> blur.
- naga siren (6/1/07, agus smuki): ironwood 5 + tango 3, boot, wraith band, bracer 2, power thread, mask of death, vladmir's offering, demon edge, mkb, demon edge, burizza. magic: ensnare --> crit 1 + mirror image 2 --> ultimate 1 --> mirror + crit --> ultimate. tips: mirror first then ensnare.
- naix (11/17/07, reagel): 5 gauntlet of ogre strength, gloves of haste, 3 bracer, power thread, sange yasha, hyperstone, heart. skill: ultimate --> feast + frenzy --> poison sting. tips: lev 7 udah bisa masuk hutan.
- nessaj (7/6/07): stout shield + 2 tango + 2 gauntlets strength, crystalys, boot, 2 bracer, buriza do kyanon, power thread, buriza do kyanon. magic: stun + blink strike 1 --> critical --> blink strike --> ultimate.
- pandaren (1/16/06): ring of health + void stone = perseverance, power thread, mithril hammer, battle fury, ogre axe + boot of elvenskin + blade of alacrity = sange yasha, crystalis, burizza. magic: stomp + critical doang, ultimate 1x aja, sisanya stat.
- pit lord (7/27/07): ring of protection, arcane ring, vanguard (or hood of defiance), boot, radiance, heart of tarrasque, power thread. when you have arcane, cast meteor rain to creep, you should be very rich.
- puck (4rc, 9/14/07): 3 ironwood + 2 tango + 1 clarity potion, void stone, eul, boot, power thread, messerschmidt's reaver, heart of tarrasque, guinsoo. magic: ultimate --> blink --> silent --> dissapear. use dissapear just like abaddon's borrowed time.
- pudge (connex, 2/5/07): ring of regen, boot of speed, 1 bracer, 4 clarity potion + 2 flask trus hunt!, vanguard, observer ward, heart of tarrasque. magic: ulti --> tarik + rot --> anti magic.
- pugna (3/10/07, my build): ring of basilius, 1 tango, 2 clarity potion, vitality booster, boot, 2 bracer, heart of tarrasque, eul, guinsoo. magic: ultimate --> blast + ward --> decrepify. tips: you have the longest attack range and fastest movement speed: use this to harass hero early game. you have very little hp before you get booster, play safe! always keep in full health: use ultimate to creep when your hp is low, your ultimate's cooldown is very fast! use blast to kill at least 3 creep: hit ranged creep 1 times, melee creep 2 times, blast! pugna should be rich.
- purist (4/20/07, my build): arcane ring, boot, 2 bracer, power thread, sange yasha, heart. magic: ulti --> heal --> 2 repel (or 2 degen) --> degen (or repel). tips: heal lev 4 kills ranged creep instantly (use it
to get gold if there're a lot of ranged creeps).
- raigor (6/1/07): ring of protection + tango 2 + clarity pot 2, arcane, boot, bracer 2, dagger, vanguard, heart. magic: ultimate (echo slam) --> fissure + aftershock 2 --> totem 1 + aftershock --> totem. note: enemy corpses can reflect echo dmg.
- razor (3/31/07, rando): ring of basilius, (ring of regen), boot, yasha, power thread, radiance, sange yasha, burriza do kyanon. skill: ultimate --> chain lightning + unholy aura --> stats. tips: after you get yasha, auto attack to creep.
- rexxar (11/16/07, xD.Scout): chicken courier without tango / clarity, empty bottle, boot, bracer 2, dagger, necronomicon. magic: ultimate (roar) --> beast --> axe throw. use dagger + roar to launch surprised attack. use hawk to the enemy's neutral creep location.
- rhasta (4/20/07, my guide): ring of protection, tango 2, clarity potion 1, arcane ring, boot, bracer, (dagger), soul booster, oblivion staff, aghanim, refresher. magic: ultimate --> forked chain + shackles 2 --> vodoo --> shackles 2 --> stat. concept: in big battle place ward on top of the killer + forked chain. vodoo the strength hero and shackle the killer then direct the ward to kill the killer.
- rigwarl (11/11/07): ring of basilius + tango + ironwood 3, helm of iron will, radiance, boot, hood of defiance, heart of tarrasque, power thread. magic: spike + bristle back --> ultimate (warpath) --> goo. tips: creeping, creeping and creeping. at 25 minutes should have radiance, at 40 minutes should have messerschmidt's reaver, at 45 minutes heart of tarrasque. in big battle, use spike every 2.5 secs to keep warpath active all the time. your job in big battle is to reduce everyone's health (you should be in the middle of enemy's heroes and let radiance does its work), when being targeted run away, if not attack.
- rikimaru (4/14/07): ring of basilius + slippers of agility + tango, boot of speed, 2 wraith band, power thread, mask of madness, yasha, sange yasha, butterfly. magic: ultimate --> blink strike + backstab + smoke screen 1 only --> stat. tips: always keep 2 tango while creeping.
- rotun battle (2/28/07, andy): ring of basilius, boot, robe of magi, boot travel, eul, sange & yasha, radiance. magic: ultimate --> death pulse --> sadist. when sadist lev 4 and eul formed, use death pulse to creeping (hit 3 creeps then death pulse to get at least 3 creeps).
- sand king (11/17/06, exp donald): 2 tango, 3 lesser clarity, 3 ironwood, boot, bracer 1, 2 clarity++, dagger, linken sphere, aegis. magic: ultimate (epicenter) --> burrow + sandstorm 1 --> stats 4 --> chaostic finale (lev 12 above) for creeping. how to epi blink: hide behind trees, press epicenter (c), click dagger, hold shift + click location to blink, wait. how to harass: burrow + sandstorm. how to creep with chaostic finale: burrow to the furthest creep then hit that furthest creep.
- silencer (5/25/07): (ring of regen), tango 3, boot, 2 robe of magi, power thread, eul, guinsoo, hyperstone. magic: global silent (ulti) --> glaive --> last word --> stats. tips: always keep full health by eating tango. you can auto glaive once you get eul.
- skeleton king (4/20/07): gauntlet strength 2 + circlet nobility 2 + tango 1, bracer 2, boot, power thread, sange, hyperstone, assault cuirass, heart of tarrasque. magic: reincarnation 1 --> stun + vampiric aura 1 + stat 1 --> critical --> stats.
- slardar (7/20/07): stout shield + 2 gauntlet strength + 2 tango, ring of health, boot, bracer, power thread, vanguard, bracer, mask of madness, mkb, crystalys. magi'c: ultimate (amplify damage) --> slithereen crush + sprint 1 --> bash --> sprint. tips: bokong dari belakang, kasih amplify damage, sprint, crush, hit2, kejar, crush, hit2. turn on mom when you hit the hero.
- sniper (6/27/07, kenneth): 2 wraith band, power thread, demon edge, mkb, skadi.
- spectre (6/12/07): ring of regen + sobi mask, (go directly to radiance if min 22 can have sacred relic), stout shield, boot, wraith band 2, vanguard, power thread, radiance, butterfly. tourney: 3 ironwood + ring of regeneration, midas, boot, (headress + wraith band), radiance, power thread, (diffusal blade if vs warlock), butterfly. magic: ultimate --> spectral dagger --> dispersion --> stat. tips: keep 1 flask all the time to fill your hp. creep all the time, you could join battle anytime using your ultimate.
- storm spirit (8/26/07): tango 2 + circlet of nobility 3, power thread, (3 bracer), sange, sange & yasha, guinsoo. alternative: maelstorm, mjollnir, assault cuirass. magic: ultimate (lightning grapple) --> overload --> electric rave --> barrier shield.
- sven (11/12/07, flow.vinz): ironwood 5 + tango 3, boot, mask of death, power thread, bkb, mom, heart of tarrasque. tips: always keep 2 tango in your pocket while creeping. big battle: bkb first, then immediately activate mom, right click (walk) to enemy, when close enough god strength, hit hit. target the killer first, then the disabler. skill: ultimate (god strength) --> storm bolt + 8 stats --> great cleave.
- syllabear (5/29/07, aswin): 5 ironwood branch, 3 tango, power thread (bear), boot, radiance (bear), vitality booster, tarrasque, tarrasque. magic: bear + synergy --> ultimate --> rabid --> stats. tips: 22 min sacred relic bear, 28 min radiance bear. as soon as you get radiance, join battle with ur friends, use bear form all the time. use rabid + one on battle.
- terrorblade (9/27/07, sawamura): 2 slippers + 2 tango, 3 wraith band, boot, yasha, sange&yasha, power thread, eaglehorn, butterfly, messerschmidt's reaver, tarrasque. magic: ultimate --> duplicate 1 + stats 5 --> metamorph --> duplicate. tips: lev 4 start creeping in forest, lev 11 can creep ancients.
- tinker (11/18/07, xcn.ritter): 4 ironwood + 2 tango + portal, empty bottle, boot, boot of travel, observer ward, 2 bracer, obs, eul, guinsoo, dagger. magic: laser 2 --> magic missile --> laser --> ultimate (rearm) --> march of goblin. tips: use blind / missile (NOT both) to harass enemy, if sure kill than use blind + missile. lev 4 = 270 real dmg, lev 7 = 480 real dmg, lev 8 .. = 550 real dmg. real dmg = (lev * 70) - 10.
- tinker fun (11/18/07, tomadjr): chicken courier, ring of basilius, boot, boot of travel, arcane (or guinsoo), manta style, radiance, dagger. magic: magic missile --> laser --> ultimate (rearm) --> march of goblin. howto: travel to creep, march of goblin, manta, rearm, arcane, (march of goblin, manta, rearm, repeat), march of goblin, manta, travel to base, rearm, repeat.
- tiny (6/10/07): ring of regeneration, 3 tango, ring of protection, circlet of nobility, arcane ring, bracer, boot of speed, messerschmidt's reaver, heart of tarrasque, power thread. disabler built: void stone, boot, eul, oblivion staff, guinsoo, cuirass, dagger. tips: once you get eul, use avalanche + toss to creep. magic: avalanche --> toss --> stat 7 --> grow 2.
- traxex (8/14/07, maklo): 1 tango + 3 ironwood + 1 slippers of agility, mask of death, boot, wraith band, mask of madness, power thread, lothar's edge, crystalis, eaglehorn, butterfly. magic: ultimate (markmanship) --> trueshot aura 2 + cold arrow 2 + silent 1 --> trueshot aura --> cold arrow --> stats. tips: as soon as you have mask of death, you can creeping in neutral creeps. use mask of madness actively even when creeping.
- treant protector (11/2/07, visualwizarf): ring of health, sacred relic, radiance, power thread, perseverance, oblivion staff, refresher orb, reaver, tarrasque.
- undying (11/16/07, my build): bottle, radiance, boot, power thread, shiva. magic: ultimate (plague) --> raise dead --> soul rip --> heartstopper aura. tips: use your zombie to creep, you should be very rich.
- ursa warrior (5/24/07, maxchar): boot + flask + 2 gauntlet str + 2 ironwood, power thread, stout shield, vitality booster 3, heart of tarrasque 3. magic: ulti (enraged) --> fury swipes --> earthshock 1 + over power --> earthshock --> stats. howto: to backstab: on the way click overpower + enraged then right click to enemy, if enemy run use eartshock to slowdown its movement, hit hit hit. to creep (lev 14 above): use earthshock + overpower. to creep ancient (and roshan): use overpower + enraged. if using lothar: overpower, then run to the opponent, windwalk on the way, earthshock + enraged, hit hit hit hit.
- venomancer battle (4/30/07): boot, 2 wraith band, bloodstone, power thread, manta style.
- viper (2/22/07, aswin): normal: vanguard, boot, 2 wraith band, power thread, radiance. tourney: 2 tango, 2 clarity, 3 ironwood, boot, bkb, aegis. magic: ulti --> poison --> stat.
- visage (11/17/07, firefrog): ring of regen, ring of basilius, boot, mekans, shiva, heart of tarrasque. magic: ultimate (raise revenants) --> soul assumption --> gravekeeper's cloak --> grave chill.
- voljin (5/21/07): ring of regen + tango + ironwood 3, lothar's edge, boot, soul booster, aghanim staff,
heart. magic: ultimate --> curse --> cask --> stats --> restoration. tips: you're very weak but has long range and has fast movement, on big battle cask + ultimate & if being attacked lothar.
- warlock (2/19/07, albert): sobi mask, 2 tango, 1 clarity, dagon, perseverance, boot, refresher (or eul if enemy has diffusal). magic: ulti (infernal) --> heal + stat 2 --> fatal bond --> stat. use tango to heal when creeping, shadow word only be used to heal in battle (just like purist). try to use fatal bond to as many enemy heroes as possible to maximize damage.
- yurnero (6/29/07, la-tv): stout shield + circlet of nobility + 2 flask + 2 clarity potion + 1 tango, ring of health, perseverance, boot + bracer + 2 clarity potion, mithril hammer, battle fury, vanguard, power thread, mask of death, mkb. magic: ultimate (omnislash) --> blade fury --> critical --> stats --> healing ward (starting lev 17). tips: try to backstab: hit the hero, if he runs away from creep omnislash, if he fights you blade fury then omnislash! blade fury could kill entire creep, use omnislash when creep cleared. when you have 3 battle fury, you could omnislash to a group of creep and hero will kill all creep and hero.
- zeus (11/11/07, xcn): 2 tango + 6 clarity potion, arcane ring, boot, observer ward, bracer 2, dagger, soul booster, aghanim. magic: ultimate (wrath) --> 1 arc lightning (c) --> static field + lightning bolt (g) --> stats. use arc lightning to creep.