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Friday, August 17, 2007


When I saw you for the first time
I knew you were the one
You didn't say a word to me
But love was in the air

Then you held my hand
Pulled me into your world
From then on my life
Has changed for good
Now I'll never feel lonely again
Coz you are in my life...

How can I explain to you
The way I feel inside when I think of you
I thank you for everything that you've showed me
Don't you ever forget that I love you

Love, I know that someday real soon
You'll be right next to me
Holding me so tight
So I will always be yours
Although we can't be together now
Remember I am here for you
And I know you're there for me

Whenever I want to be with you
I just close my eyes and pretend you're here
I see you, I touch you, I feel you, like real
Nothing can ever change what I feel inside

How long must I be far away from you?
I don't know dear, but I know we are one...

To: someone

Thursday, August 09, 2007


I was just relaxing and just watched my friends playing games when I felt a gentle shake. I looked a bit annoyed to the person sat beside me who was shaking his feet. Then I felt it again. I was a bit annoyed and stepped a bit further from him when someone asked loud "is it an earthquake?". Start panicking, we went out for a while and after a minute we went back in. We don't really make too much out of it until suddenly the alarm in the apartment went on like crazy. About 20 peoples came down to the apartment's garden, then followed by other, and others. The alarm kept ringing until hundreds of peoples were gathered around us. Some had frightened look on their face, some made phone calls, a foreigner just came with short without any shirt (doh!), some saved their motorcycle out of parking lot (double doh!), and some (only us actually) went to dinner (triple doh!).

When we went back at around 1 am, there're still about 50 peoples not dare to come in. Some parents and their kids even went to their car with pack of bags with a worried look on their face. Bah, it's just a minor earthquake for god's sake. Stop making it like a tsunami's earthquake.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter

I just watched Harry Potter 5 the movie again, this time with... Listi. So this morning I just got off the bus when I saw Listi coming toward me in front of bus station. She asked me if I wanted to skip the office and watched Harry Potter, and I eagerly accepted. So here we are, Wednesday morning, 10 am, watching the movies haha.. In the 200-seats theather, there were only 6 peoples inside, it felt the theater was belong to us haha...

After the movies, on our way back home uh er.. to the office I asked Listi did she know why Snape did what he done, that there are Hollows which have the same properties as Horcrux, and one of the Hollows is the object that already exist since the first book of Harry Potter. Hah as I thought she didn't know any of those because she hadn't read the last book. She only read the last chapter, the epilogue, which then she happily spoiled that final chapter to Astri, and from Astri to me *hiks*. Listi asked me to just spoiled the information, and I crucioed her by saying I'm not a spoiler, she had to read the book by herself haha..